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Out-of-Town / International Patients

In my practice we welcome patients from all over New Zealand, and also International patients.

Visit us at any one of three locations in New Zealand for your consultation and operation with Prof Zarrabi:

The convenience of Auckland, close to all amenities.

Or why not make a holiday of it with direct international flights to spectacular Queenstown.

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If you are planning to visit us from abroad, we would recommend that you arrive at least one day before the planned date of your consultation or operation. A large number of our patients who come for surgery are not from the immediate area; we have an efficient and patient-friendly system in place to help simplify the process of having to travel a long distance for the consultation, operation, follow-up etc.

Many of our patients from out-of-town prefer to have their initial consultation done via video-call (eg Zoom, Skype).


This is more or less the timing of events that can be expected, should you decide to visit us for your treatment:

Day before the operation. (Alternatively remotely via video-call eg Zoom earlier)
  • Taking of your medical history
  • Performing a physical exam
  • A thorough discussion about your diagnosis / condition and treatment options
  • Providing you with a detailed explanation of any surgical procedure and follow-up.
If possible the next day.
  • Following most fertility operations, you will be able to leave the hospital on the same afternoon / evening. For other more major surgical procedures you will need to spend at least one night in hopsital.
  • You are not allowed to drive a vehicle for 24 hours following a general- or spinal anaesthetic.

Ideally, you should then stay in town for at least 1 more night after being discharged from the hospital. Although most of the surgeries I perform have a low risk of complications, I still prefer my patients to stay in town for the first day or 2 – just in case.

After the initial recovery period, further post-operative follow-up can be done either telephonically or via video-call. If blood tests or standard semen analysis tests are needed, these can be done in most cities at a Pathology Laboratory and there is no need to travel again just for that.

If your surgical procedure involves the retrieval of sperm, it will be freeze-stored in the andrology laboratory (Repromed Fertility Clinic in Auckland); the cryopreserved sperm can then be couriered to you to most international destinations for use in assisted reproductive procedures (IVF / ICSI / IMSI / PICSI etc) at the clinic of your choice.